September 26, 2020

Europe is more effected then China due to Crona virus

s new coronavirus epidemic is the worst in Europe. And Currently, there are a total of 7,375 confirmed diagnoses, with 366 deaths. And ranks second to China before coming to South Korea. On Saturday, 5883 cases were confirmed in Italy. But on Sunday, 1492 cases increased to 7,375 cases. And the death toll increased to 133. These two new figures are the highest in a single day.

The Italian Civil Protection Agency also pointed out that 622 patients were completely cured throughout the country. But there were still around 650 acutely ill patients in the intensive care unit.

Currently, there are a total of 7,375 confirmed diagnoses, with 366 deaths in Italy. On March 8 Italian Civil Defense Protection Agency said that the number of diagnosed coronavirus diseases (COVID-19) in the country increased to 1492 in 2019 and that the death toll increased to 133 within 24 hours.

After Italy, Apple announced on Friday that it intends to close all direct retail stores in Spain later this week. Due to the new coronavirus epidemic. The stores have closed all over Spain. Earlier, an Apple store in Pennsylvania was temporarily closed due to a governor’s directive.


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