October 23, 2020

How to fight with Airbuster in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

How to fight with Airbuster in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

So, How to fight with Airbuster in Final Fantasy. A hallmark from the initial 1997 unharness, Final Fantasy seven Remake re imagines the Airbuster fight in Chapter seven, serving up a tense duel between man and machine.

How to fight with Airbuster in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Given the battle’s long preamble and relative problem, we tend to thought it’d be best to guide you thru the method and show you ways to defeat the Airbuster if you discover yourself to be troubled against its charged flurry of attacks. Here’s the way to beat the Airbuster in Final Fantasy seven Remake.

How to win from Airbuster in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Well, How to fight with Airbuster in Final Fantasy 7? Prior to the encounter with Airbuster, you’ll be crystal rectifier through a series of rooms full to the brim with Shinra troops. Once you wipe them out you’ll note a group of terminals that you’ll be able to use to get rid of components of the Airbuster’s mechanical makeup that weaken the boss before the battle. make certain you actually study each area as usually there square measure nonobligatory key cards prepared for you rather than simply the mission-critical ones.

Once you discover them, you’ll need to select that a part of the Airbuster you’d prefer to strip away. huge Buster shells basically limit the quantity of devastating rocket attacks it will muster, and Goro-M’s limit the things it will use in battle. Personally, we tend to found that obtaining obviate the Airbuster’s AI Programming Cores to create it slower was the foremost effective thanks to beat it as, despite its stature, the boss moves quickly and you wish to stay on high of it in the slightest degree times.

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How to fight with Airbuster in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?


Once you’ve sufficiently weakened the boss, prepare your characters with Lightning Materia then begin the battle. Airbuster is weak to this Materia, but don’t take any prospects by merely having it equipped on Cloud. If every character encompasses a Lightning attack, they’ll chain them in bicycle and totally immobilize the Airbuster. If you picked up the essential Support Materia at intervals the previous chapter, take under consideration attachment that with a Lightning Materia to deal ‘weakness’ injury with every steel slash.

How to fight with Airbuster in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

As with every boss battle at intervals the sport, guarantee no character is wasting their ATB – keep switch between characters to use skills as almost immediately as you’ve the prospect. Tifa is wonderful here, therefore don’t ditch her. Her Chakra ability may well be a decent thanks to regain health whereas not victimization resources, and you may quickly stagger the Airbuster by combining her basic attacks in conjunction with her ability unrestrained Strength to spice up her stagger capabilities.

When it pulls back to the middle lane, use caution for its charged optical device attack and lightning storms by ducking out of its line of sight. Crucially, once the Airbuster summons a pair of hands and sends them over to either end of the bridge, split the party up and attack them initial to cripple it.

At some purpose it will enter a replacement section and fly faraway from the squad, therefore guarantee you’ve got Barrett at full health therefore he can deal injury whereas Cloud and Tifa area unit defenceless. Use currently to spam healing things whereas you attack from afar in conjunction with his machine gun.

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