October 23, 2020

Social Isolation: Killing Elderly

Social Isolation i

Social Isolation: Killing Elderly. On May 20 in an inspiring commentary, titled, “End New York City’s Lockdown Now!” David Marcus put pressure that the lockdowns are murdering New York.

It should be liftoff right away. “It needs to end. now.” But what of the elders, the main casualties of the pandemic, what hope should we have? Marcus says in one sentence: The elders are living in isolation.

I know Marcus needs the best for America’s elders. No, we can not keep them in isolation.

Continuous isolation is dangerous. It is a method of torture. A punishment is forced upon the most. It is against human laws and its cruel.

“I am a bad and deserted animal,” says Mary Shelley’s. When deserted turned into monsters. “I look around and I have no relations or friends on the earth.” So, the animals take revenge by killing his friends and family. Turning into a being just like him, cruel, and monster. By throwing him into absolute loneliness.

Is endless isolation is the last hope for our friends and family?

One can understand the virus’s effects. Coming in contact with the infection is killing our elders. Cuomo’s mishandling of nursing homes tells something else.

It strictly binds us. Isolation may save our elders from death by COVID. It will cause huge suffering It increases early death by 30 percent. It is similar in causing damage like alcohol addiction or smoking 15 cigarettes.

Depression doesn’t kill you. It weakens the immune system, leaving one vulnerable to disease. It builds blood pressure. Putting one in danger of a heart attack.

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Health Issues

It causes brain damage. Increases the chances of dementia. As Social Isolation and Loneliness in Older Adults sums up, social distancing is remarkably dangerous. Like any other widespread medical issue, we face today.

This should not surprise us. For it strikes against the core of who we are. A long time ago, the scientist thought about our natural fellowship. So watching it, called us political creatures.(Social Isolation: Killing Elderly)

Accomplishment of Motivation

Due to the accomplishment of our motivation—for us to live, purposeful, and act together. To settle down upon common grounds.

From a scientist’s point of view, this is not the result of an early stage arrangement. People meet up to safeguard themselves and their privileges.

We struggle in the public arena. The scientist watches, and we struggle when are alone. That is why isolation is extreme punishment. This is the reason it can not possibly be viewed as a solution to the issues during the pandemic.

Keeping in mind, we should keep them away from the infection.

Quick testing machines (Social Isolation: Killing Elderly)

The only way to break the isolation is quick testing. Quick testing machines should be introduced as early as possible to control the situation. These machines should be installed at all facilities whether big or small including public places as well.

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