September 26, 2020

Zhiyun Smooth X : iPhone Gimbal

iPhone Gimbal

iPhone Gimbal. There’s one in devices, it’s that they continue getting littler as they improve. A mobile phone gimbal turned to balance out a framework that allows mobile phones to catch more recordings easily.

A year ago DJI build a gimbal that can be folded into half. With another clip design that allows the iPhone with a lens attached. Make it the smallest gimbal around and my preferred one to use.

DJI’s crosstown opponent Zhiyun has upgraded the Osmo Mobile 3. Much littler and lighter gimbal named the Smooth X.

I say “maybe” the Smooth X makes a trade-off to accomplished its right size. It is just a two-point gimbal, which means it can “move” (level left or right) and “roll”. It does not have the third view, upward and downward.

The Osmo Mobile 3 is an entire three-view gimbal. So for those hoping to film more efficiently, DJI’s gimbal is the best option. Including myself, the introduction of the third point might be justified. Despite all the trouble, Smooth X is significantly small and less expensive.

Just take a look at the size difference. The Smooth X is compared with DJI Osmo Mobile 3, and afterward Zhiyun’s own two-year-old Smooth Q.


iPhone Gimbal
iPhone Gimbal


There’s one more feature that isn’t very useful to me,. Yet this is a significant selling point for sale. The Smooth X has an extendable “neck”. Simply like a selfie stick that reaches out up to 10.2 inches.

Combined with the capacity to balance our mobile in either scene or picture directions. Smooth X an extraordinary device for vertical users for recordings. Which is most popular on social media stages like TikTok and Instagram.

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Zhiyun Smooth X: Shooting (iPhone Gimbal)

For me, I’ll be using the iPhone Gimbal: shooting front faced recordings. Just like the DJI Osmo Mobile 3, the Smooth X can also support the iPhone with an extra added lense.

It’s not just any lense, it’s from the Moment brand. Which are high-quality lense well known with the iPhone. They are generally heavy as compared to other lenses.

The iPhone gimbal hold has a little joystick. Physically control point of the axis to record, and a slider to zoom. The last two buttons only work when combined with Zhiyun’s application.

iPhone Gimbal specs

Weighing just 246g, and when folded up can fit into pant pockets or small purse. Included with the retail package is a tripod leg. Attach to the base so the gimbal can stand up all alone.


When the Smooth X is turned on and a mobile phone is attached, the gimbal can function all things. To take full advantage it’s ideal to use Zhiyun’s ZY Cami application rather than the mobile phone’s basic application.

Available on iOS and Android. The application connects using Bluetooth and is easy to use. Once adjusted, the previously mentioned record and zoom catches can control the application’s local camera application.


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