October 23, 2020

Bollywood And George Floyd


Bollywood And George Floyd. George Floyd’s passed away due to suffocation because of a police officer’s knee on his neck. In Minneapolis on May 25 has become a worldwide protest. What happened in the past is still to be explained. In a more understandable way to understand it. Dark Lives Matter has emerged again in public discussions.

Discovering more rage and fights in different cities all over the world. In social communities set apart by color and race, the Floyd fights have sent out a message.

Keeping in view, in any case, this could be a dangerous one. On behalf of India, Bollywood has said something with twittering. Regarding the matter of Floyd’s cruel death. Social Media accounts have heated up. Stood up against the policies of solidarity and judgment of the US government.

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra talked about ending “this race war in the US, and around the globe.” Any place you live, whatever your conditions, NO ONE should die like this. Especially based on your skin tone. It does not matter black or white. Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra was all ethical in offering her prayer for “George”.

It is very hard to imagine if you pay your condolences for the dead ones. Yet another crime made by the US police for killing someone on the base of there color. Yet one more casualty by police and institutional brutality. Killing, someone who was innocent.

In color virtue games, the big names should be careful before throwing stones. This situation, praising certain fights without due reflection. In the Indian setting, race throws a long, tormenting shadow. White stays beautiful, important, and lovely.

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The Indian cosmetic industry has grown with this

Priyanka-Chopra-and- George-Floyed
Priyanka-Chopra-and- George-Floyd

Childhood Memory (Bollywood)

Ranjavati Banerji, writing in the New Statesman, reminds him of an incident from his youth. “My grandma was around 50 when I first saw her. Carefully extracting the soft perfumed white cream from the pink tube and gently rubbing it into her face.”

It was a beauty product called “Fair and Lovely”. One of the basic plans, in Banerji’s words, “to upgrade fairness of complexion.” Fellow actress Disha Patani may have said on Twitter that all colors are beautiful. Yet promote Pond’s skin-whitening “Fairness” BB cream.

Twitter user, Anjali Sharma answered, this was simply one more instance of Indian receiving benefits from “selling fairness cream on one hand and fighting racism on the other hand. Hypocrisy

Twitter users

For another Twitter user, such big names were completely qualified for jibber-jabber and shout “for what they need”. The issue is “about particular and performative activism especially when they have eventually engendered a colorist mentality in their country.”

Such is the way of all big-name activism on specific causes. Single out and choose wisely. Recognize the worthy anger and add your voice to it with bells. Maintain a strategic distance from the harm of discussion.

Bollywood Superstars Voice

The line-up of Indian superstar voices referring to Floyd and US police brutality is spreading. To Chopra can be included Karan Johar and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Such figures are frequently quiet on nasty issues. The closer to home, the easier to forget.

They avoid such debates as the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or the Hindu patriot plan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Little is mentioned of the ugliest fights that happened in February during US President Donald Trump’s visit.

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When Hindu mos set upon the Muslim people group in Delhi. The death of 40 individuals happened. 200 individuals have been considered slaughter.

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