October 23, 2020

Pain Of Losing Someone



Pain Of Losing Someone. I stopped my car on the road and cried at seeing what lay before me. Happiness normally marked the moment when my tires touched to Adams Street. My childhood home came into view.

Just, this time, I reacted to reacted away when, as a kid. I approached my grandmother’s coffin and seen her face—her recognizable beauty defaced by the sting of strangeness.

Weeks before, Hurricane Michael had stormed through my old neighborhood of Sneads. A country cultivating network in the Florida beg. For miles distance outside of town, the forested areas that guarded the streets were once so thick with pine and overgrown oak.

Deer crossings were a frequent danger to drivers. Presently, the forested areas are exposed as a great many trees lay cut in half. Their bottoms push heavenward like pikes on some battleground.

As I came into town, an ocean of blue FEMA tarps stretches up before me. Covering the homes and organizations that had been struck by the Category 4 breezes. Even though a few homes were hit more seriously than others, none were saved, definitely not my childhood home.

After I recovered and drove into my parent’s house, the full degree of the damage became clear. Seeing trees making a mess in the yard affected me more than anything else.

On many events, I had cut the hight of those trees and now everything except one of them lay forever destroyed by the storm. Throughout the area, close to each twist is empty I once investigated. Hills of scattered trash were cobbled together as burial service prays for my memories.

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Seeing my grandmother in her coffin, seeing my old childhood in such a worse condition left me feeling disappointed and strange.


Least Three Meanings (Pain Of Losing Someone)

The word “place” conveys at least three meanings. In the first place, at a shallow level, we can consider from this “site” where someone or something can be found. Each physical thing that exists can be found in someplace.

It is “placed” as it is and possesses a specific, physical area. On account of my childhood home, its site could be presented in various manners.

Second and all the more personal, the place has to do with someone or something’s setting. Highlights that give a spot its specific character. Like strings to an embroidered artwork.

The recorded, social, ethnic, social, monetary, strict, political, and different highlights of a spot are stitched together. Give each place a setting that is totally and absolutely one of a kind.

The third and deepest, most close significance of spot has to do with this feeling of that place. An individual’s feeling of having a place with a specific site and setting.

By chance that having a site resembles having a location. (“I am someplace”). Having a setting resembles having a unique location. (“I am here”). At that point having a feeling of that location resembles having a place with that novel location (e.g., “I have a place here”).

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