August 15, 2020

Ancient Curse Of Cassandras: America


Ancient Curse Of Cassandras: America. Not many centuries ago some curses were more disturbing than the one Apollo visited on Cassandra. He gave her to predict future disasters. Yet announced that nobody would trust her predictions.

American history is full of Cassandras. Over and over, prophets have warned that our social and political texture was a result of shameful acts. We have done it at home and abroad. They motivated the United States to change its path. Victims of Apollo’s curse were dismissed or outvoted.

The most obvious of our unnoticed Cassandras are social rights advocates. Who has warned that the United States will remain stuck on the off chance that it doesn’t stand up to the legacy. The legacy of establishing an agreement with slavery.

Others are diviners who predicted that oligarchs would hold onto hold of our political system. “villains of great wealth” would destroy the essence out of our democratic institutions. Turning them into workers of a “military-industrial complex.”

None have shown progress helpful. However, then the people who warned that seeking after empire abroad would, ultimately bring grief at home.

For nearly two centuries, Cassandras in the United States have warned. That acting superior over the weak in a faraway land would serve as a rehearsal for doing the same at home.


If we accept each distant challenge as a danger and react with brutal power, we put ourselves to respond a similar way when our own kind challenges us with the official force.

On the off chance that we care minimum about “set-back” that outcomes from our operations abroad, it’s obvious not to think much about it at home either. American force has regularly been a knee on the neck of foreign countries.

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Assume Responsibility

In 1898 the United States had the chance to think about responsibility for Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam, and the Philippines. Senator George Frisbie Hoar of Massachusetts, who like most Cassandras has been lost to history. Energetically warned Congress against giving in to the imperial temptation.

Energetically warned Congress against giving in to the imperial temptation. If the United States started projecting military force overseas, he warned, “it would be changed” from a Republic established on the Declaration of Independence.

Guided by the counsels of Washington, the hope for poor people, the refuge of the oppressed, into an indecent, typical realm established on physical power. Controlling subject races and vassal states, in which one class must rule forever and different classes should forever serve.”

Currently Overlooked (Ancient Curse Of Cassandras)

Another of that era’s now-forgotten Cassandras, the previous senator, and interior secretary Carl Schurz, warned Americans. That on the off chance that they started holding seizing foreign lands that they had vowed to free.

They would sacrifice their country’s moral power. “What could our answer be,” “if the world would say of the American individuals that they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Various land-grabbers acting like champions of freedom and humankind.

Fake actors who have shown the truth of what that has been said by their detractors as to their hypocrisy and greed.

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