October 26, 2020

Need for Speed Heat


Need for Speed ​​Heat is a racing game. The 24th part of the Need for Speed series. Released on the 25th anniversary of the series. The game is released on November 8, 2019. Received critics’ ratings from mixed to positive.

Need for Speed ​​Heat is a racing game in the open world of Palm City. A fictional version of Miami and its environs. On the game map, diverse geography, including mountain areas and open fields.

Unlike Need for Speed Payback, There is no 24-hour pattern of day and night. However, the player can switch between day and night. During the day, a player can participate in authorized races for which cash is given. That is needed to buy new cars and upgrades.

They can also take part in illegal street races that happen during the evening time. These races give the player reputation. The more reputation the player gets, the more aggressively the police behaves. The player must run away from the police

Trying to hide in a safe house. The danger in this procedure is the seizure or car wreck. The game also includes a storyline for which the player interacts with the city police, drove by Lieutenant Mercer.

The game includes 127 vehicles from 33 producers. “Ferarri” returned, which was missing in Payback due to licensing issues. Unlike Payback, performance updates no longer as random speed cards. Yet are uncovered through the reputation and winning races.

There are no loot boxes in the game. However, time savers are included that reveal collectibles on the map. The paid downloadable substance will be included.

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On August 19, 2019, Electronic Arts released the NFS Heat Studio application for iOS and Android devices. Users were able to assemble and customize machines that can be imported into the main game after release.


Plot (Need for Speed Heat)

The player arrives in Palm City for the occasion “Speed ​​Hunters” – a citywide racing exhibition that brings in riders from the country to participate in legal day races and illegal night races.

Lieutenant Frank Mercer, heads the city police department of the Speed ​​Task Force, announces his intention to ruthlessly prosecute and capture all racers.

The player buys a race car from a local mechanic and previous street racer Lucas Rivera. Rivera enables the player to enter the main race of the event. For most of the game remains his mechanic and teacher.

The player meets Lucas’ younger sister, Ana Rivera, who participates in an underground street racing scene. Ana’s street racing group suddenly breaks when one of Ana’s teammates almost dies in a task force raid.

Introduction to League

The player joins Ana, and she introduces him to the League. An elite group of the best street racers of the Palm City. Ana wants to enter the League, and Lucas almost did it until his dad died and he suddenly left the race.

Ana and the player form another team to rise among street racers and gain a place in the League. After winning the race, Ana and the player meet with Officer Shaw. A member of Mercer’s group.


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