October 23, 2020

Trump at West Point

Trump at West Point Graduation

Trump at West Point. Donald Trump claims to be the peace leader of the United States. There doesn’t seem much sign of this as the stitching of the Republic gets fixed. Protestors have given a considerable roughing over a few states.

Protocols for arresting are changed. Police chiefs are resigning and, in the rarest of cases, officials are being charged for police brutality.

Here, the Trump message is a treat of confusion.

No more unnecessary policies try in the global arena. No unnecessary utilization of the US military to intervene in the cloudy, disgusting issues of worldwide relations.

The interventionist, policing line in foreign policy reached its height with the 2005 confirmation by President George W. Shrub. In his second introductory speech that it was “the policy of the United States to look for and support the growth of domestic movements.

Institutions in each country and culture, with a defined goal to end dictatorship in our world.” This was ambitiously dangerous, reckless and a promise of a worldwide US stranglehold. Applied to any system suspect of not crying to the alarms of freedom.

“The survival of freedom in our land increasingly relies upon the success of freedom in different lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the development of freedom in all the world.”


President Barack Obama was not much of an improvement for this principle of lasting revolution. The US needed to keep remaining the sheriff of exceptionalism, a defender of “dignity”.

In a speech to West Pointers at a military institute commencement ceremony in May 2014. He recognized the old warning of George Washington “against foreign entanglements that don’t contact directly on our security or economic wellbeing.”

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The interventionists’ declaration “that we ignored these conflicts at our hazard.”

Genuine Stake

He preferred a middle way hardly different than his predecessors. The US couldn’t be isolationist; history had forced upon the Republic grave burden.

Trump’s language, at least on the subject of meddling in the name of freedom. Policing a form of international morality appears to be unsentimental and alien to this strand of thought.

On June 13, in an address to the US Military Academy at a West Point graduation ceremony, he announced or more appropriately reiterated. His task of “ending the era of endless wars.”

Cops of the World (Trump at West Point)

He preferred “a renewed, clear-eyed focus on defending America’s vital interests.”

The ears of traditional isolationists would have pricked up in interest: “It isn’t the duty of US troops to solve ancient conflicts. Faraway lands that many individuals have never heard before. We are not the cops of the world.”


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